I George F. Sutton do hereby release the Font called "ABSEE.ttf"
into the public domain. It is now the property of all the Human Race.
No Person, Corporation or Entity of any kind may ever claim, restrict or control its use.

Make the Image below the wallpaper on your computer.

Below is wallpaper including the extended characters of the font. I encourage all users of the font to avoid using those as much as possible and to rather challenge yourself to find ways of expressing meaning without them. If you do so you will be participating in the ongoing quest to reduce Blissymbolics to just the 94 keys of the standard keyboard. The virtue of the extra symbols though, is that they offer endless potential for creating pictographic vocabulary. Blissymbolics has a pictographic foundation as outlines of natural objects, but functions ideographically when combining symbols logically to create additional meaning beyond descriptions of natural objects. But for the most part when creating additional vocabulary, new Blisswords for things, it is best to type pictographs rather than logical ideographs. Why create extra processing demand for the mind. After all, one of the main benefits of visual language is rapid recognition and processing by the mind. That's why the military uses icons everywhere and has begun integrating Blissymbolics into its icon system.